We aim to serve you as we would like to be served


Our product …

Mundé Caffè : offers unique and thoughful receipes, which are made by passionate palates that offer a completely different notion of snacking

Freshness is our MOTO !


Preparations …

Munde Caffè believes in preparing their food at the last minute to ensure freshness and quality
Our home made dressings offer a personal touch, which changes everything !
Despite our desire to want to have 100% fresh products certain elements are pre prepaired /prepacked to avoid problems related to food security.
In these rare cases we guarantee to offer you the best quality available !
We work with some local artisans and reputable establishments to provide certain products such as : américain, organic vegetable soups etc. These collaborations are formed under the strictest legal conditions to protect our clients.
The pride of Munde Caffè is to offer you a wide variety of choice and give you greater freedom to choose your own compositions according to your particular tastes !
In conclusion: We guarantee that none of our sandwiches or food is prepared and packaged at 2 am by mass workshops to be served 10 hours later!


Mundè Caffè : une affaire d’artisans !


Hygiene and Safety

… Followed to the letter !
Mundè Caffè respecte toutes les règles en vigueur par le simple contrôle et enregistrement quotidien des températures de frigos et congélateurs, utilisation de gants jetables pour certaines préparations, un carnet de nettoyage quotidien qui valide les tâches de nettoyage accomplies au niveau des locaux, des appareils et des surfaces de travail.
We only use professional cleaning products, biocides, approved by “Food contact”, and authorized by the FPS Public Health that conform to the kitchen space in use. No aerosols or insecticides are used on the premises.
Munde Caffè works on the principle of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) recommended by the Federal Agency for Food Chain (AFSCA – l’agence Fédérale de la Chaîne alimentaire)


Diligence & Excellence – Our objective : Zero risk !



We train our staff in house. Our staff maintain a medical food hygiene certificate and have impeccable personal hygiene and are suitably dressed.
All external suppliers and other collaborators in contact with our premises are also informed or our Hygiene and safety rules.


Mundè Caffè guaranteed TOP QUALITY & CLEAN


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