Who are we ?

Allow me to present myself ; my name is Valerie and I am a true fanatical coffee drinker ! Over time it has become an addiction and for this reason I became more and more curious about the art of serving coffee . I trained to become a Barista and threw myself into researching new sensations surrounding the “Black Gold”. Whilst following this passion I had the idea to create a mobile coffee bar.

One coffee truck

Mundè Caffè ! In the begining i wanted to find a name that reflected my origins . I am Belgo Congalise and Mundé is a subtle contraction of the word “Mundele” which, in Lingala, means “clear”. Munde reflects the color of this new generation of coffee, like the famous Café Latte, and its global success! “Caffè” spelled with two “f”, it is a reference to Italy, home of the best prepared coffee in the world! The reference to the other half of my origins comes from the two “ accents” which should be located where the two accents are, it makes us very “belch”: see if you can spot it and say it aloud: Mundè Caffè!
My plan was to travel across Belgium in a “Drink Truck” and offer my specialties to the public, amateurs or non-coffee drinkers, during aperitifs, exhibitions, large and small festivals. By doing this I consolidated everything into one activity; my dreams, my tastes and my passion for personal contact ! My slogan reflects this:
Voulez-vous café avec moi?
The success was phenominal thanks to your compliments, your smiles, your requests for more ! and your countless likes on Facebook !!!! and following this success Café Mundè took its next steps .. the adventure had just begun !

One Container

My natural energy and my experience in the HORECA business guided me to this new adventure. I asked myself, “Why not go a little further and offer drinks and original snacks in a cool and original place ? “
So I put together a tasty menu offering sandwiches, salads and other snacks and decided to set up a fixed point where people could come and purchase their food and drink. – in a container !
Yes a container, like no other, and thats where you can find us !
And so, it is with great pleasure that i invite you to come and discover our sumptuous menu in this unique place…


Mundè Caffè

Etterbeek Station
263F, Bld Général Jacques – 1050 Brussel.
Monday => Friday
 6.30 AM => 7.00 PM

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