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Selection for companies and individuals

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An early meeting, an event or just not enough time in the day?

or just a little something for you

Save time !

Here at Mundè caffè we offer you an original and fun solution for any occasion.

A tailor made service adapted to your budget, aligned to your needs

Make your life easier by opting for our delicious freshly prepared platters!

"Good Morning" Breakfast : 0,00 € /person
(min 10 covers, booking 24h in advance)

assortment of pastries (3 per person or 4 mini pastries per person)
Coffee/tea/hot chocolate (+/-2 cups per person)
Water (liter - 50cl / person.) - Freshly squeezed orange juice (25cl/pers)

Our platters are served on disposable « bio degradable » dishes
"Tasty Lunch" : 0,00 € /person
(minimum de 10 pers. / réservation 24h à l'avance)

Plateaux d'assortiments de demi-toasts (4 pièces/pers.)
Variétés de desserts du jour (1 portion/pers.)
Eau (au litre - 50 cl/pers.) + 1 soft drink/pers

Ce buffet est présenté avec une vaisselle jetable, dite : «au naturel» !
"DeLuxe Lunch" : 0,00 € /person
(Min 15 covers / booking 24h in advance)

Fresh organic seasonal soup of the day or appetizers (selon saison)
Mixed platter of appetizers (3pièces/pers.)
Mixed platter of mini sandwiches(3pièces/pers.)
Selection of desserts (+/- 2 portions per person.)
Fresh fruit salade ( 1 portion/person)
water (/litre - 50 cl/pers.) + 1 soft drink/pers.
Canned beer and wine ( 2 drinks per person)
Coffee / Tea (+/-2 cups/pers.)

Our platters are served on high end disposable dishes
*The individual “oneglass” option will not only fulfill your needs but it will also reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding bottles and excess waste.
Formule VIP - "Very Important Platters" : to be defined according to the number of people
Min 20 covers / booking 48h in advance)

Do you want to just do something for you ? Mundé Caffe can help you organise an original and fun reception for any occasion.
Mundè Caffè peut vous aider à réaliser un accueil original et sympathique à vos convives, quel que soit l'occasion!
Make a VIP request here.
a tailor made service adapted to your budget aligned to your needs